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Choral Department Update - October 2019

Choral Ensembles

END OF TERM 1: It’s been a busy fall! The term ends tomorrow on Friday, November 1. Students should be checking Google Classroom and iPass to make sure all assignments are turned in. Term 1 Grades will be published in iPass on November 12.

UNIFORMS: Unless your student has been notified, uniform are ready to take home! Students may not take uniforms home until they turn in the Uniform Utilization Agreement (in the Handbook). Students should try on their uniforms and let me know if there are issues. Students in tuxes need to provide a white, long-sleeved wing-tipped tuxedo shirt. Students in dresses should make sure the hem is ankle length. Please do not cut the fabric when making alterations. All students should have black shoes and black socks/nylons.

A Cappella Groups

She Major and Voices of Steel both recorded application videos for the Varsity Vocals International Championship of High School A Cappella competition. Results will be posted in mid-November. Right now, groups are working on competition set music and booking December gigs. Students sing holiday and pop songs around the community; follow them on social media to see when and where their next gig will be!

Exciting Notes

Both Chamber Singers and Treble Choir were thrilled to support the Warrior Marching Band by performing the National Anthem at the NESBA and MICCA Marching Band competitions.

Student Perspective

Please enjoy this note from one of our students!!

Hey! My name is Dante Santaniello. I’m the Social Coordinator of Voices of Steel, a tenor in Chamber Singers, and a member of the Marching Band. I’m a junior at Wakefield Memorial High School and I’m happy to be part of all these groups! We’re coming up near the end of October and it's been a huge month for me! It’s been very exciting and I’m settling into my third year of the Choral Department. We’ve been getting more comfortable with our music in Voices of Steel and it’s been really fun work! We already chose all of our songs but we’re getting our set all learned and performable. Our newer members are adapting to being in our group, and I’m proud of them! It’s also been interesting being in Choral Ensembles and Marching band, as we’ve been in full competitive swing in October. It’s been a lot for my schedule, but I’ve been keeping up! This past month we went to the Bands of America competition in Maryland; it was a weekend full of hard work and fun! We also had NESBA & MICCA Wakefield where Treble Choir and Chamber Singers got to sing. It was a lot of fun singing with the alumni, especially after a great marching band performance! I’ve been working to keep my #growthmindset in check everyday and I’ve been noticing everyone's growth in the new year. I’m super excited for what comes ahead in our Choral Ensembles!!

Stay connected!

Check out my website for more information on performance dates, and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for quick updates.


  • Chamber Singers, Treble Choir, and Wind Ensemble, along with the Wakefield Choral Society will honor our veterans with performances at the Annual Veterans Day Ceremony, November 11, at 11am, at the Galvin Middle School.

  • Northeast Senior Festival District Auditions on November 23 at North Andover High School (exact time TBD)

  • Winter Concert, December 12, 7pm, at Galvin Middle School (Mandatory Dress Rehearsal: December 11)

Happy Halloween!!


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