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  • What are the a cappella groups at WMHS?
    Voices of Steel - mixed voices, audition-only, competitive pop a cappella group Mic Drop - mixed voices, non-auditioned, non-competitive pop a cappella group
  • What am I expected to be able to do?
    As a member of Voices of Steel, you should: Be able to sing your part independently and confidently Be comfortable singing in front of an audience Be able to sing in tune and in time Be able to move well while singing independently and confidently Work cooperatively and respectfully in a small group of peers Remain academically eligible throughout the year Make a commitment to the group in terms of time, attitude, and work ethic
  • What kind of songs do the groups sing?
    The groups all sing modern pop songs. Here are some of the songs Voices of Steel has sung in the past 15 years: 2023-2024 Come Go With Me (our signature song) Glitter & Gold (Rebecca Ferguson) Paint It Black Greenlight Light of a Clear Blue Morning Glitter & Gold (Imen Siar) Bad Blood Bottom of the River Barbie Medley Locked Out of Heaven PAST Songs 2009-2022 Red Desert Ain't It Fun Clean Addicted to You Ghost You Give Love a Bad Name Happy Ending The Night We Met Jealousy, Jealousy Troublemaker Good Grief Break My Heart My Own Hero Nothing Else Matters Titanium Deep Water I'll Be There I Gave You All Halo Home Come Go With Me You Will Be Found Numb Scars to Your Beautiful Reaper Say You Love Me Fix You All About that Bass Somewhere Over the Rainbow Heartless I Can't Make You Love Me Genghis Khan Down with the Fallen Larger than Life Eet Killing Me Softly Ain't It Fun Shark in the Water Home Falling Slowly Brave/Roar Let Me Down Easy I Want You Back Make a Shadow Awake My Soul Can't Hold Us Too Close Some Nights Collide Viva la Vida Let It Be King of Anything Halo In the Still of the Night And So it Goes Billionaire Longest Time Fireflies Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Who can be in the groups?
    WMHS students in grades 9 through 12 Voices of Steel averages about 16 members Although it is not required, membership in a curricular choral ensemble is highly recommended Students who are currently enrolled in school choral ensembles may be given preference over those who are not Previous experience in a cappella / singing / leadership / dance / theater / sound engineering is encouraged
  • What is the time commitment for Voices of Steel?
    VOS rehearses on Mondays from 2:15-4:30, Wednesdays from 2:15-3:15, and on early release days from 11:15-12:15, with additional rehearsals scheduled occasionally They perform often throughout the year, and attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory Major performances are scheduled in advance and additional performances will be added depending on members’ availability
  • What is the time commitment for Mic Drop?
    Mic Drop rehearses on Wednesday from 2:15-3:00. They perform two to three times a year, and attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory.
  • Can I play sports / be in marching band / do theater / take art / etc, and be part of one of the a cappella groups?
    In a word, YES. At WMHS, we cooperate and communicate to allow students to participate in their chosen activities. We want students to be able to get the most out of the high school years, or to quote former Asst. Principal Mr. Denis O'Leary, to "fill in their dash." That being said, here are several things things to consider: 1) Students are in school to take classes. Extracurricular activities should not supercede curricular ones. 2) Communication is key. If activities conflict, all parties will be more easygoing if excellent communication takes place with lots of advance notice. 3) Ultimately, it may not work. It depends on the student and the activities. Ask Ms. Morel if you have further questions.
  • Do I have to be in Treble Choir / Chamber Singers / Chorale to be part of Voices of Steel?
    Although it is not required, membership in a curricular choral ensemble is highly recommended and beneficial. Students who are currently enrolled in curricular choral classes may be given preference over those who are not.
  • I really want to be a member of Mic Drop, what should I do?
    Email Ms. Morel or come see me in Room 2416. You do not have to audition to be part of Mic Drop.
  • Where & when are auditions for Voices of Steel?
    Auditions will take place Monday, April 22 from 2:05-6:00 in the WMHS Chorus Room (Room 2412). If needed, call back auditions will take place Friday, April 26, from 2:30-4:30 in the WMHS Chorus Room (Room 2412).
  • What do I need to do to audition?
    For your audition, you should prepare a 30-60 second solo: one verse & one chorus of a contemporary pop song. Choose something that you love to sing and feel good about Please do not sing jazz, classical, opera, or musical theater. Please have your solo memorized, including the lyrics. If your song goes longer than 60 seconds, you may be asked to stop. You will also demonstrate your range, aural skills, & sight reading skills. You will be scored according to this audition sheet. You will be scored by Ms. Morel, other members of the WPS Performing Arts Dept., and/or other a cappella pros. Please arrive warmed-up to your audition, at least 5 minutes before your scheduled audition time.
  • How will I be assessed?
    Your audition will be viewed and scored by Ms. Morel using this Audition Rubric.
  • What about call backs?
    Callbacks will be scheduled if necessary, and callback information will be emailed directly to those students.
  • How do callbacks work?
    If callbacks are necessary, the process will be explained at the time.
  • When & where will the results be posted?
    The final audition results will be sent in the evening on April 28, by email.
  • What else should I know?
    Current members of the groups must re-audition each year. There will be rehearsals which include new members in May and June.
  • What are the User Fees to participate in A Cappella?
    All students participate in Voices of Steel or Mic Drop will need to pay the $100 Performing Arts Activity Fee to Wakefield High School in September. Fees are due before the first performance.
  • How do I sign up?
    Sign up to audition by 1) Filling out the Google Form 2) Signing up for a 5 minute time Fill out the Google Form here. After you submit the Google Form, you will be directed to Sign Up Genius to choose a time. If you need to change your time after you sign up, please email Mrs. Morel directly.
  • I have more questions! What should I do?
    Please contact Mrs. Morel at
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