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Formed in 2014, She Major is Wakefield High School's all-female contemporary a cappella group, directed by Ana Morel. They have collaborated with groups such as The Exchange, Ithacappella, and Musae, and have worked with Archie Gopal, Anna Morsillo, and Deke Sharon. In 2017, She Major placed third in the ICHSA Northeast Semifinals and Quarterfinals. Members have won various awards for Outstanding Solos, Outstanding Vocal Percussion, and Student Arranging. 


Student Director: Elisabeth Nordeen

Choreographer: Riley Porter & Emily Pudvah

Business Manager: Ellianna Ouellette

Social Coordinator: Bianca Zani

Follow them on social media: @SheMajorWHS #boldandgold

Voices of Steel is the co-ed group from Wakefield High School, directed by Ana Morel. Formed in 2009, they have collaborated with groups such as the Exchange and the Nor'easters, and have worked with Shams Ahmed, Deke Sharon, and Caleb Whelden. They love to make music almost as much as they love their red Converse. In 2018, they placed second in the ICHSA Northeast Quarterfinal. In 2014, 2015, and 2016, they won the NE Voices competition, and in 2015, they won the Salem Pitch Trials. Members have won awards for Student Arranging and Outstanding Solos.


Student Director: CJ Hagen

Choreographers: Abby Dunn & Hanna Hodzic

Business Managers: Nicole Calandra & Sean DeCourcy

Social Coordinator: Dante Santaniello

Follow them on social media: @VoicesofSteel

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In Big Treble is Wakefield High School's newest a cappella group. Directed by Chris Igoe, they made their debut in January 2018. Students are in grades 9-12 and have been working incredibly hard to get a new group going. The group is currently focused on upbeat pop songs of today, and hopes that you’ll feel the urge to get up and dance!

This Is Why I Teach Music

Not because I expect you to major in music,

not because I expect you to play or sing all your life,

not so you can relax,

not so you can have fun.


So you will be human.

So you will recognize beauty.

So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world.

So you will have something to cling to.

So you will have more love,

more compassion,

more gentleness,

more good...

In short, more life.

Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living

unless you know how to live?

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