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Mic Drop is the newest group at Wakefield High School. Formed in 2021, they are an enthusiastic group of young, hard working, and fun loving a cappella singers! They perform at least twice a year (sometimes more!) and rehearse once a week for 45 minutes. If you're interested in joining Mic Drop, email Mrs. Morel or stop by!

Mic Drop Logo.png



Maria A

Siobhan L

Juliana M

Catherine T

Cheyenne T

Bridget B

Robin L

Jhalak P

Elizabeth P

Sam C

Lilah H

Miranda M

Ella R

Owen K

Brendan L

Adam N


Sam B

Erin C

Naya C

McKayla H

Merilee J

Brendan L

Serena L

Michaela L

Miranda M

Juliana M

Adam N

Ellie P

Lucy S

Cat T


A Cappella Night

February 11, 2022

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